Scent Detection Training

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What Is Scent Detection?

Turn your dog into a detection dog! Train them to search for and locate a target scent like a professional by harnessing their natural hunting skills into a fun activity to do together as a team.  Take advantage of a wealth of experience and knowledge with a City and Guilds Scent Detection Handler and Instructor.


We are currently in the process of setting up & rolling out The National Nosework Association Trials which will offer the opportunity to compete in the amazing sport of nosework in different and challenging environments. 


Beginners Course

For total beginners looking to get started their nosework journey with their dog.

Progression Training

1-2-1 training sessions and workshops to progress your search skills together.

Odour Recognition

The First Challenge of your National Nosework Association Journey

Train & Test Sessions

 Practice sessions for National Nosework Association Odour Recognition Tests &  Trials

National Nosework Association Trials

Fun, challenging and exciting Nosework Trials COMING SOON

1-2-1 Beginners Package


Dogs are all individual which is why we have design our beginners package to be delivered on a 1-2-1 training basis to suit so we can tailor the session to suit individual needs.  Our beginners package includes a block of 3 x 1-2-1 in-person training sessions as well as a pre-recorded theory webinar meaning we can get stuck straight into the practical training at our first session together.

What you'll be learning:

  1. How to teach your dog what scent you want them to search for (we'll be training to search for Gun Oil)

  2. How to begin teaching your dog a behaviour to tell you when they've found the source of scent.

  3. How to begin teaching your dog to search systematically and methodically.

Please note: Sessions are held in Dishforth, North Yorkshire. 


ONLINE Beginners Course

£75 + additional £20 approx. for home kit


Can't make it to our in-person 1-2-1 sessions? Upon completion of this course you and your dog will have the basic knowledge and skills to enjoy doing fun searches together from the comfort of your home. This course will also give you the foundation skills to progress onto our in-person training sessions if you wish to do so.

Here's What To Expect:


  • 6 pre-recorded weekly lessons to watch in your own time.

  • Example training video's for easy to follow instructions.

  • 7 weeks of online coaching support

  • Access to our online Scent Detection community

1-2-1 Training Sessions

£35 per session

Need some help with an element of your training? These training sessions are ideal for one-on-one learning with your Instructor and can be tailored to your training needs. 1-2-1 sessions last around 45 minutes in duration.

Please note: Sessions are held in Dishforth, North Yorkshire. 


Search Systems 3 Part Course


A three part course consisting of one weekend per month over a three month period teaching you the necessary skills to successfully conduct a thorough and systematic building, area, route and vehicle search to enable you to tackle any search type you and your dog are presented with.


A combination of all of these system search skills are necessary to move onto the National Nosework Association Trials so this a great course if you are thinking of progressing onto these in future.


Odour Recognition Tests

National Nosework.png

This is the first challenge on your National Nosework Association journey. Measuring the dog’s understanding of the target odour and their ability to work methodically to find a number of hides over multiple distractions. 

It will test the handler’s skill & line management whilst you navigate the search patterns as a team throughout the different stages.

Please note: Sessions are held in Dishforth, North Yorkshire. 


Train & Test Sessions

National Nosework.png

The Train & Test sessions are an ideal opportunity to put your training into practice with mock National Nosework Association Odour Recognition Tests or Trials to prepare you for the 'real' thing. You can also attend these sessions for fun even if you have decided not to work towards the National Nosework Association framework.

Please note: Sessions are held in Dishforth, North Yorkshire. 


National Nosework Association Trials

National Nosework.png

Held at a variety of venues offering adventurous search areas,  we hope the trials will present a challenge to you and your dog whether you’re looking for individual progression, the competition element or both.


The judges will be looking to award points in three key areas:-Team Confidence, Area Coverage & Indication and whilst the searches do have a maximum time, the speed of the search is not a primary factor in placings and you are permitted to deliver your rewards in the search area.

Working through the Trial Stages, your progression will take you from surface to inaccessible hides with the difficulty of the distractions increasing along with the search areas sizes which will test your search stamina as a team.