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Welcome To The World Of Dog Sports

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Before dogs became family pets, they were selectively bred for different jobs and purposes based on their natural traits and instincts. Fast forward to now and many of these behaviours are seen as 'undesirable' in our modern day lives. Instead of trying to supress these behaviours, we should be empowering our dogs with the opportunity to channel their natural instincts in a controlled and constructive way. The participation in dog sport activities provides an outlet to enjoy, embrace and celebrate our dogs for who they REALLY are.

There are so many benefits to allowing your dog to hone their natural skills and instincts through appropriate dog sport activities;

- Enhances your relationship

- Builds confidence

- Provides mental stimulation

- Encourages independent thinking

- Promotes healthy rest

- Releases dopamine (happy hormone)

- Encourages learning

- Builds trust

- Creates teamwork

Let's start allowing our dogs to show us who they REALLY are. Let them show us what they are capable of and how amazing their natural behaviours, instincts and skill sets are when they are no longer limited by us or seen as undesirable, but instead as something to be embraced and celebrated.

Give your dog purpose. Your dog sport journey starts here!

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