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The Making Of A Master Mantrailer

Mantrailing - What's that all about?

Did you know you can now do Search & Rescue skills with your dog? But for fun! Mantrailing is a dog sport teaching dogs to find people by following their unique scent. Mantrailing harnesses a dogs natural ability to trail - All dogs have this ability, we are just harnessing their amazing sense of smell and turning it into a super fun activity to do with our dogs! 

A sport for everyone!

One of the many amazing things about this sport is that it is fully accessible to all people and dogs, regardless of age, breed or disability.  Dogs are always worked one a time which means even dogs with confidence and reactivity issues can take part! Mantrailing also relies heavily on teamwork and its important to have a line of communication between you and your dog at all times, therefore, dogs are kept on a long-line throughout the training session meaning that even dogs with a poor recall can take part. Mantrailing is also a low impact sport, which unlike some dog sports, means there is less pressure and stress on your dogs joints allowing puppies, older dogs and those who need more careful exercise management to still join in on the fun.

Physical exercise isn't always everything...

How often have we heard people say that their dog needs 'X' amount of exercise everyday otherwise they wont settle... they wont have a sofa to come back to when they return home...or that they wont stop pestering them to throw the ball for the 10 millionth time!? Mantrailing does provide some great physical exercise, but even more importantly, engages your dog's incredible olfactory senses, giving them a super engaging mental workout, resulting in a fulfilled, content ( and often very tierd!) dog. Not only is Mantrailing great for your dogs mental stimulation, but it's also a fantastic way of increasing your dogs confidence and building a strong relationship together too!

From Blooming Beginner to Master Mantrailer

Mantrailing training is based at the individual dog and handler teams pace. Once you've learnt the basics of Mantrailing through our Introduction workshop the world is your oyster! There is no pressure on progression time frames as all individuals are different. It is important to have strong foundations before progressing on to a more difficult trail so that your dog knows the game, but even more importantly, enjoys it! As your team progresses, you'll move on to different starts, longer more complex trails and even mix it up with the quirky types of places you'll make your find at the end. What is great about Mantrailing is that it is infinite! - There is always going to be a new scenario/trail that needs your dogs super sniffer!

If you'd like to get involved in this exciting new dog sport, we offer Introduction sessions for anybody who is a newbie to Mantrailing or to anybody wanting to brush up on their basic skills. If you're already a super sniffing team, we also offer weekly Mantrailing training sessions where we will work on a combination of different skills, scenarios and trails so that you are able to progress your Mantrailing skills as a team. 

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