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Canicross Kit Bag Checklist - The essentials & the extras

When planning a Canicross run, it's up to us as the owner to plan for a safe and successful run as well as preparing for any eventuality that may happen whilst out enjoying the trails together with our dog/s. Whether you are planning a plod, on week 1 of couch-5k or training for a challenge, we've put together a list of items that we recommend Canicrossers should carry with them whilst out on ANY run as well as some top tips we've put together for carrying your kit with you.

Canicross kit bag check list

Essentials for any run:

  • Running bag/vest: I personally prefer a running vest for Canicross as I find they distribute the weight nicely and the pocket systems tend to be much handier for easy grab poo bags, phone for photos etc without having to take the bag off to retrieve things.

  • Human first aid kit: Assorted plasters, adhesive first aid tape, elasticated bandage wrap, anti-septic wipes, tweezers, medical scissors, sterile gauze pads, disposable gloves.

  • Canine first aid kit: Sterile gauze pads, cotton wool pads, vet wrap, conforming bandage, surgical sticky tape.

  • Foil blanket

  • Water bladder/ water bottles (Minimum of 1 litre water for you and extra for your dog. We'd recommend carrying the same again for your dog.)

  • Portable water bowl

  • Waterproof running jacket (taped seams), hat and gloves

  • Poo bags

  • Head torch

  • Spare batteries for your torch

  • Mobile phone

  • Portable power pack for your mobile phone in case of emergency

Useful extra's you may also wish to consider packing:

  • Dog coat/ fleece ( Incase of adverse change in weather and post-run in cold weather to keep muscles warm. )

  • Energy Snacks - For you and your dog/s, particularly for longer distance running

  • High visability item for you / your dog ( light up collar, high vis sash)

  • Dicky Bag. - Stores your dog poop bags when your routes have no bins to dispose of them

  • Spare socks

  • Spare shoe laces

  • OS Map of area


1. Whether you're out for a plod or on a specific training run, wear your running bag/vest with your kit packed inside for all your runs, this will get you used to running with the extra weight. You may not think it feels much extra weight but it will make a difference to your running.

2. Always carry extra water with you for your dog. Many fall into a false sense of security of not needing to carry water on runs they plan with water sources en-route. You can never guarantee that a natural source will always be there or be safe to drink for your dog/s.

3. Take one for the team and carry your dogs 'essentials' for them. A dog running in harness requires much harder work from their muscles and endurance, therefore we do not recommend for dogs to run with panniers/ extra weight to carry their own kit. 

Please note that the above information is what we personally carry / recommend whilst Canicross running for pleasure and has been put together from our personal experiences and knowledge. Canicross races may include a specific kit list that is essential to participate so always check with your club/ organiser before participating. 

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