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5 reasons to wear a harness for dog sport activities.

1. Wearing an appropriate harness for dog sporting activities allows for comfort, freedom of movement and freedom of airways, making it a positive experience whilst wearing it.

2. Wearing a harness for dog sport activities allows your dog to display their natural behaviours without restriction / influence from being worked on a collar. This is particularly important in many dog sport activities such a scent work, trailing and tracking where watching your dogs body language is important for dog to handler communication.

3. Choosing a different harness style for your different dog sport activities (along with other cues ) will act as a prompt to your dog so they know which activity they are about to do, helping to get them in the right frame of mind for 'working'.

4. By only putting your chosen harness on when you are just about to start your activity, it becomes part of that activities 'starting ritual', helping prepare your dog for what 'job' they are about to do.

5. Removing your harness at the end of an activity will help your dog understand when their 'work' is done so that they can switch back to 'dog mode'. Through association, this will mean that once their harness is off they can go back to sniffing around and just being a dog again and in turn will help avoid confusion for them between 'work' and 'play'.

Please remember: It's important that the type and style of harness used is correct for the type/s of activity you are going to be participating in, they can vary hugely dependant on the purpose they are to be used for. Some harnesses have unique features tailored specifically for purpose so please ensure you do lots of research into getting the right harness for your dog and not just choose the most accessible or most popular one. Dog sport harnesses need to fit correctly for efficiency and to avoid any adverse effect for the dog; just like a pair of bad fitting shoes could ruin a hike/run for us, a wrong fitting harness can have exactly the same effect on our dogs.

If you need advice on choosing the right harness for your dog sport activities, please feel free to get in touch with Emma at to assist you in making an informed choice on finding the right harness for your dog.

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