Mantrailing Training

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What Is Mantrailing?


Training dogs to find people!


Mantrailing is a dog sport teaching dogs to find a missing person by following their unique scent. Mantrailing is a form of Scentwork and harnesses a dogs natural ability to trail - All dogs have this ability, we are just harnessing their amazing sense of smell and turning it into a super fun activity to do with our dogs!  

Introduction Workshop

For total beginners looking to get started.

Training Sessions

Develop your trailing skills and teamwork.

Level Promotion & Badges

Work towards Mantrailing UK Levels and earn progression badges.


Mantrailing Introduction Workshop


Get started on your Mantrailing Journey with our 2 part workshop; A pre-recorded theory webinar to watch ahead of your 2 hour in-person practical session. Our introduction workshops are aimed at total beginners or teams who are looking to work on their trailing foundation skills. We use the same training method that many search and rescue organisations use to train their Mantrailing dogs in the 'real world'.


This workshop is designed for you to learn:

- The theory of Mantrailing and the science of scent

- Finding the right reward for your dog

- Understand the 'game' of Mantrailing

-The foundations for creating a motivated Mantrailer

Mantrailing Training sessions

£20 Per Session

Weekly training sessions aimed at progressing your Mantrailing skills as a team. Classes have a maximum of 4 dog and handler teams per session and there will be a mixture of different abilities within each class, a great learning opportunity to trail your own dog as well as observe other trailing teams. We are flexible with how often you attend training sessions meaning you can book on as little or as often as you like. Our training sessions last approximately 2 hours and are held in numerous outdoor locations around the Boroughbridge, Thirsk, Ripon and Northallerton area of North Yorkshire. You can come to these sessions either just for fun or work towards our Mantrailing UK Levels 1-3.

Mantrailing UK Levels


Through attending our training sessions, you have the option to work towards our Mantrailing UK Levels if you wish to do so. You must have completed your Level  log book with a Mantrailing UK Instructor before you can book in to be assessed. Upon passing you will receive a rosette, level badge and certificate for your achievements.

There is also the option to also work towards earning progression badges through our unique progression booklets to complete on your journey to achieving Levels, or as a stand alone fun progression incentive.

Neither of these are compulsory to take part in.

Existing Clients can find out more about the assessment criteria in our Mantrailing members area.


Private Mantrailing Workshops

£ Upon Request

Are you looking to have some fun with a group of your dog mad friends or fellow dog club members? Or maybe you're a professional dog trainer or business looking to offer something new and exciting to your clients?


You can book us for a private Mantrailing workshop at our private venue at Dishforth Airfield, North Yorkshire. Alternatively, there may be the option to come to you pending the venue meets our training and travel requirements. Please get in touch to discuss further.

There are multiple workshop types we can offer for private bookings including: 

  • Introduction Workshop (To learn the basics and get started)

  • 1 day Beginners Workshop (Including Introduction in the morning and progression training in the afternoon)

  • 2 day Progression Workshop (Including Introduction on the 1st morning followed by 1.5 days of progression training.