Canicross Training


What Is Canicross?

Canicross is the sport of trail running with your dog using specially designed equipment allowing the dog and owner to run together as a team.


Taking part in Canicross offers a fun, social and highly effective way for you and your dog to keep fit together. The specially designed equipment ensures safe, comfortable and efficient running for the both of you. Take advantage of a wealth of experience and knowledge from a Certified Canicross Trainer, qualified Run Leader and Co-Founder & Head Canicross Instructor of the Sporty Paws Canicross Instructor Course.

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For dogs who are better suited to a 1-2-1 instead of as a group. This includes all of the same benefits as the Canicross Kick Start Clinic, but as a solo session instead of a group. Our 1-2-1 Introduction also include out Online Canicross Beginners Course. 

1-2-1's also operate through summer due to restricted appointments due to the heat for welfare purposes.

£55 per dog & owner team

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Already got your kit sorted?

Building up your Canicross running and skills together safely is crucial in injury prevention as well as creating strong foundation training to set you up for a successful Canicross future together. This course will take you through an 8 week progressive training plan taking you from Canicross newbie through to being able to run 3 mile adventures together upon completion!

£30 with lifetime access

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Take you and your dog from total newbies through to enjoying 3 mile running adventures together. Includes an in-person kit fitting session, warm up & cool down routine, introduction to Canicross commands & technique, as well as access to our online Canicross Beginners Course.

These group workshops after summer when the weather is cooler! 

£35 per dog & owner team


Become a Sporty Paws Canicross Instructor

As Co-Founder and Head Instructor of the Sporty Paws Certified Canicross Instructor Course, we offer a 2 day intensive course to enable you to offer Canicross training services to pet dogs and their owners. 

Are you passionate about Canicross and want to work with dogs for a living? Or maybe you already have your own dog business and want to add a unique dog sport to your existing services? 
This course will provide you with everything you need to begin running Canicross training sessions for your clients and their dogs and how to structure future sessions for their progression. The course includes your very own Instructor starter kit bag worth £450 (RRP), available in a choice of 5 colours. This means that you are suited and booted ready to launch your Canicross business as soon as you complete our course!