Why Dog Sports?

Before dogs became family pets, they were selectively bred for different jobs and purposes based on their natural traits and instincts. Fast forward to now and many of these behaviours are seen as 'undesirable' in our modern day lives. 


Instead of trying to supress these behaviours, we should be empowering our dogs with the opportunity to channel their natural instincts in a controlled and constructive way so that we and our dogs can live fulfilled and happy lives together. 

Activities For You And Your Dog

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About Your Instructor
Emma Cook 

  • 7 years experience working with dogs in the rescue, welfare & training sector

  • Head Mantrailing Instructor at Mantrailing UK

  • Mantrailing UK Assessor

  • City & Guilds UK College Scent Dogs Detection Dog Handler

  • City & Guilds UK College Of Scent Dogs Scent Detection Instructor

  • UK College Of Scent Dogs Ambassador

  • World Scent Dog Association Blue Instructor

  • World Scent Dog Association Level 1 Judge

  • Certified Canicross & Cani-Trekk Trainer

  • Co-Founder  and Head Instructor of the Sporty Paws Canicross Instructor course

  • Qualified Run Leader with England Athletics

  • Member of the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter Group

  • Canine & Human First Aid Trained

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''Emma is hugely encouraging of dogs and handlers, offers practical advice and support and helps the dogs and handlers develop our skills. It is amazing how tiring a young, fit dog finds the activity but it also works for my older one who loves having a job she can do.''

Elizabeth Sewell

What Our Clients Have To Say