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Training Dogs To Find People

A Dog Sport Activity For Pet Dogs & Their Owners


Give Your Dog A Job!

Before dogs became family pets, they were selectively bred for different jobs and purposes based on their natural traits and instincts. Fast forward to now and many of these behaviours are seen as 'undesirable' in our modern day lives. 

Instead of trying to supress these behaviours, we should be empowering our dogs with the opportunity to channel their natural instincts in a controlled and constructive way....That's where Mantrailing comes in!


What Is Mantrailing?

Mantrailing is a dog sport teaching dogs to find a missing person by following their unique scent. Mantrailing harnesses a dogs natural ability to trail - All dogs have this ability, we are just harnessing their amazing sense of smell and turning it into a super fun activity to do with our dogs.

What is?

Why Train With Us?

International Mantrailing Instructor

Head Instructor At Mantrailing Global

Mantrailing Global Level Assessor
City & Guilds Scent Dog Handler & Trainer

8 Years Experience working with dogs in the rescue, welfare & training sector

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What Our Clients Have To Say

''Emma is hugely encouraging of dog & handlers, offers practical advice and support to help develop skills.

Eliazabeth Sewell

Emma explains everything wonderfully and is so enthusiastic, not just about what she is doing but also what she sees everybody else achieving.''

Keith Stuart

Emma is very knowledgeable but better than that, a great teacher. She makes everything easy to understand and can work with even the most demanding dogs and customers.

Sally Phillips

Really friendly and excellent tuition with Emma. Me and my girl have learnt so much and are looking forward to more.

Diane Mason

Covering Boroughbridge, Ripon, Thirsk and surrounding areas of North Yorkshire.

Available to travel to further locations upon request for hosted workshops.

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